Safety & Risk Management and Insurance Issues

STOP Program
Hazing Awareness

Director and Officer Liability Insurance – Highlights of Coverage

NOHA Social Media Policies – Updated June 24, 2014

NOHA-Whistle Poster

NOHA-Equipment Poster

Use of Cell Phones in Arenas – Cell Phone Memo-March 8, 2004

Safety Requires Teamwork Safety for All Eng-2013-2014- You can learn more about this program by downloading the complete Safety Requires Teamwork!

La Sécurité: Un Travail D’équipe—La Sécurité pour tous-2013-2014 Vous pouvez en apprendre davantage sur ce programme en téléchargeant la sécurité complète un travail d’équipe!

Safe use of Energy Drinks-Health Canada-2005 – A document written by Health Canada in regards to Energy Drinks

Hockey Canada Co-Ed Dressing Room Policy

NOHA Dressing Room Policy

NOHA Confidentiality Statement

OHF Confidentiality Implementation Manual

OHF Dressing Room Policy



Body Checking in House League

Body Checking in Tournaments within the OHF

USA – Hockey Canada Rules Agreement

Coaching Suspensions

NOHA Regulations state:

  • R.11.14. No Rep Team will be allowed to play in a House League Tournament.
  • R.11.15. All teams or groups within the NOHA under the house league umbrella must play non-body checking.

H1N1 influenza virus

In response to the recent reports regarding the possibility of a re-emergence of the H1N1 influenza virus over the next several months, the attached information has been compiled from the Ontario Ministry of Health and is intended for the purpose of providing awareness, education and general guidelines in the prevention and recognition of the H1N1 flu.

From a safety and risk management perspective, the close interaction of athletes in a team sport environment is a potential concern for the transmission of this virus and in order to take precautionary measures, we encourage all member associations to make this information readily available to team trainers.

For additional information, please visit

Influenza Prevention and care H1N1 Flu Virus – Influenza Prevention and Care-Sept 15, 2009


At the present time, our society is very concerned about the various sicknesses before us and we all may be wondering what we can do about the Flu, Colds, and H1N1. In an effort to help educate our members, the NOHA has put together the following information. Please ensure this document is widely distributed to your members. more

DRESSING ROOM VIOLENCE / LOCKER BOXING -Bulletin-Locker-Boxingv4-April 10, 2007

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