Canadian Tire First Shift Programs in the NOHA

Do you know of a young person between the ages of 6 & 10 in the Iroquois Falls, Greater Sudbury, or North Bay region that has never played our great game of hockey and might be interested in trying the sport? Please forward this webpage to them! Introducing THE CANADIAN TIRE FIRST SHIFT. Designed to help your child fall in love with hockey before you buy all the gear, the Canadian Tire First Shift is a six-week long "Learn to Play" program focusing on having fun and making new friends while learning basic technical hockey skills. Equipment to keep is included in the registration fee of $199.00. For more information on the program in your area, please contact the Program Administrator: Locat

Coaching Education and Player Development Go Hand in Hand

Giving back to the hockey community was just one of the reasons why NOHA Coach Mitch Hachez began volunteering, but he still holds it up as the most important. “I played a lot as a kid and wanted to give back to my son and all the kids in Ontario,” he says. Hachez is detail-oriented, and has a strong focus on being up-to-date or ahead of the curve on the latest courses being offered through Hockey Canada. When he heard about the NOHA Development Weekend, he jumped at the opportunity. With the chance to be taught by prolific Coaches like Don McKee, Adam Dennis, and Mike McParland, Hachez viewed the weekend as the next step to continuing his own coaching education. “It has helped to have someo

NOHA Development Weekend - Opportunity for All

The NOHA Development Weekend isn’t just about finding the right players for Team NOHA, it’s also an excellent development opportunity for the over 80 players participating. Divided into teams with players they may have faced as rivals during the season, the players take part in educational seminars, work with specialty instructors, and make friends and connections that will last a lifetime. In conjunction with the OHF (Ontario Hockey Federation), which runs development camps throughout the province, the NOHA strives to provide a space for players to learn, develop, and determine how to pursue their hockey objectives. The biggest priority is to provide this opportunity to as many players as p


SUDBURY, ON – The Northern Ontario Hockey Association (NOHA) is very excited to be hosting the Fifth Annual NOHA Development Weekend in Sudbury on August 10 to 13, 2017, at Laurentian University and the Gerry McCrory Countryside Sports Complex. The NOHA Development Weekend, which will see more than 150 participants from across Northern Ontario participate, is comprised of three events, The Seventh Annual NOHA Referee School, an Under-15 Camp, the Fourth Annual Advanced Skills Analysis Coaching Seminar, and a Supervision Semiar. Over 80 players born in 2002 will be participating in the Under-15 Camp, which is being held in conjunction with the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) and the

Coaching Education Benefits Coaches and Players, says Coaching Legend Don McKee

For esteemed hockey coach and instructor Don McKee, continuing coaching education is critically important. As an instructor at the 2017-2018 NOHA Development Weekend, he will be sharing his wealth of knowledge and skills with a group of Northern Ontario coaches and players. A school teacher, McKee found harmony early in his coaching career, bringing his skills from the classroom to the hockey rink, and with great success, coaching at university and national levels, including a championship for Canada at the Spengler Cup in Switzerland in 1997. The NOHA Development Weekend is a place for coaches to learn and flourish. “The game evolves continually, so going through the Instructional Programs

NOHA Alum Official Chris Pontes Looking Forward to Giving Back at NOHA Development Weekend

Chris Pontes, a high-level official from Sudbury, Ontario, considers himself “a good Referee, but a better Teammate,” and wants to share this outlook with the young officials attending the 2017-2018 NOHA Development Weekend. A strong athlete who played for the OHL and SPHL, Pontes notes the opportunity to officiate hockey was offered to him through NHL Officiating Manager Dan McCourt, an advocate for local officials in Northern Ontario. Pontes quickly moved up the officiating ladder, spending time with the NOHA, NOJHL, OHL, and now ECHL and AHL. He attributes his success to a commitment to athleticism, teamwork, and growing by learning from those around him. “The NOHA helped me develop and g

NOHA Officiating Clinics Now Open

NOHA Officiating Clinics are now open for registration. Click Here to view and register for clinics. For more information on Officiating with the NOHA, please visit the Officials section, or contact the NOHA Office.

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